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Chesterland Exterior Renovation

After ten years of contemplating how to create an elegant entry to this magnificent home, the Homeowner and Architect collaborated on how to redesign this entry. The existing entrance had no curb appeal and it was difficult to distinguish where the front door was located. The balance of this home was complete, but the entry and front Office facade needed some “Pizzazz.”

After years of studying and designing this front entrance, the Homeowner hired an architect with whom he has completed many projects. With another set of eyes and thinking “outside the box,” the challenges of this project did not diminish. First of all, the front entrance was very dated, and the stone veneer and siding were no longer available. The front entrance had no cover to help protect the invited guests from ominous weather and the western sun was creating an abundance of heat into the two story Foyer with its expansive glass. This area of the house near the front entry required a much needed redesign.

Upon extensive research, the Homeowner found an aluminum extruded siding called “Longboard” in red cedar to create the “WOW” factor for this entrance. The architect solved the other challenges by creating a Front Porch shed roof ingeniously designed to incorporate into the two existing roofs and created protection from the western sun. The window glass dimensions were resized to be shorter but wider to incorporate three windows in lieu of two. A bay window, matching the front Dining Room, was added to the front Office facade and, with the new stone and Azek corners in lieu of the discontinued quoins, the front entrance created the desired look. Along with the use of the red cedar metal siding, the accent was just enough to create one’s attention to the front entry which also created that curb appeal.

The final results seem like it was a no brainer to create but the Homeowner and architect remembered the struggles. The exterior of this home is complete, utilizing all green materials and creating an “inviting entrance into this home” which looked like it should have been incorporated originally. The new redesigned front facade achieved

“For A Home You Will Love”

HBA-Makoski Exterior Project