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Laundry Room


This prestigious home situated in an affluent village exemplifies the luxurious lifestyle of this neighborhood.  The floor plans on these luxury  homes have to fit the family’s lifestyle which this home was lacking.  The everyday lives of this family commonly used their front service and garage door entries extensively with both leading past the Laundry Room directly to the Kitchen.  The Laundry Room was very congested, actually an eyesore, because of its small size and not a very inviting place to work.  It really did not belong in this home.


The Homeowners wanted a comfortable traffic pattern from the service entry and the Garage while designing a spacious Laundry/Mud Room area including a place for their pets other than the main hallway.  The available renovation area was confining and the new design had to be developed within the existing exterior walls while keeping the main hallway to the Kitchen accessible.  Most importantly, this new area needed to be an inviting place to do the laundry chores but also to look like it belonged to this home.


After carefully studying the existing layout of the traffic pattern and laundry area, it was eminent to eliminate the wall between the front service entrance and the Laundry Room and completely remove the closets in the service entry hall.  Once the room was created, the existing Laundry Room door was no longer needed.  The existing service entry hallway door leading to the back hallway was reutilized but also served as the entrance door to the new Laundry/Mud Room.  The soffits were completely removed creating volume.  The custom cabinetry was designed and installed to utilize every square inch of space.  New lighting was essential and with the new LED recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting, the Laundry Room became a bright and enjoyable space.  The existing front window was left uncluttered to allow natural light and became a focal point of this new area.  To add to the elegant decor, millwork was installed which matched the rest of the millwork throughout including crown molding.  Granite counter tops and locker seating were selected to blend and accent the new space.  The selection of new flooring was a necessity since the existing rooms did not match in layout with the wall removal.  A wood look porcelain tile was selected to compliment all the other colors and features and made a dramatic impact while looking like it always should have been there.


The Laundry/Mud Room is now one of the features of this home and is proudly shown off by its Owners.  When entering through the front service door, a person is wowed by this light and airy room.  The view from the garage entry is just as enjoyable and the Homeowners’ pets never had it so good.  The new Laundry/Mud Room is exactly what the Homeowners wanted to achieve.

“For a Home You Will Love”