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Basement Broadview


After purchasing this home for their ever growing family, the Homeowners knew something was missing when they drove up- but what?  The clients knew they had incorporated all the interior renovations but they were not sure about the exterior.  Something was missing. When they saw what the architect had drawn it was exactly what they thought was needed to make this exterior as great as the interior.


Money was our first challenge since no projects have an open checkbook. The front Porch foundation was built in Phase I  and the balance of the front entrance would come in the next phase.  It was not difficult to persuade the clients of this renovation since the architect had drawings of the complete exterior concept for this Front Entrance and they fell in love with it immediately.  The Clients decided that the concrete color of the Porch should match the exterior stone veneer siding.  The concrete was demo’d and repoured with color throughout to match the stone.  This was a monumental change which the photos will explain. 


The Front Entrance masonry was built to accept the roof and posts.  We extended the steps leading to the Front Porch  deeper to allow an easy climb.  Because of grade we had to add another step so it was an equal and natural climb.  All the bearing points and Simpson Hardware  were installed for future use.  Azek was used since it is impervious to water and you can utilize it the same as wood; cutting, milling, honing, etc.   The color goes all the way through so it never needs painting but we always do.  This was used for all the Front Porch trim boards, posts and ceiling.  The reverse cable which is featured in the Front Porch also had its challenges.  The arched ceiling and gable front, the two (2) colors of gutters and the drainage off the roof were creatively completed by the sophisticated trades.  The one downspout was a no brainer draining underground to the existing downspout system by the Garage.  The other side was not as easy with the stone retaining wall and the location of the downspout by the walkout Basement door.


The Front Entrance is now the focal point just as the Clients’ dreamed.  The white Azek trim accented the entry and the Homeowners decided to leave the accent color white.  The front door, the landscaping and the entire look is what the Homeowners imagined and the feeling of warmth to their home.

“For A Home You Will Love”