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Basement Broadview


Even though the new Home which these Homeowners purchased was large enough for their growing family, they knew that the Basement needed to be finished with certain amenities.  First a Bathroom with a shower was necessary with three daughters.  The girls love their hobbies, so a room was developed to handle every aspect of their needs.  Entertaining their friends was no problem with the Audi/Visual Room and Mom even had an extended area for her exercise bike and yoga.


The Homeowners wanted a few revisions; the Front Porch concrete colored to match the existing stone, expanded exercise area,  new Bath, areas for hobbies and entertaining and a finish which would match the main home.  Items which were started in Phase I were included and completed in this Basement Remodel since it was more practical with the new walls and all the drywall removed.  This included two (2) zoning systems for the whole House, installation of a tankless hot water system and all new enlarged gas lines raised into floor joist or hidden so ceilings could be completely drywalled with a smooth finish which Homeowners requested.  The painting was completed with the best of finishes to match the existing.


First, our standard specifications included all walls (interior and exterior) received three (3) inch treated plywood at the base to keep all drywall three (3) inches above the floor for protection from any water.  The new electrical panel was installed to accept all the new circuits, keeping the 200 amp service, and the new electrical was installed after the walls were built, drywall removed and per Homeowners’ requests.  Zoning (HVAC) for the entire house which was partially done in Phase I and was not as difficult to finish with all the duct runs exposed.  We even ran the existing ceiling registered ducts down the wall cavities and installed wall or base registers to match the balance of the house.  The plumber enlarged the gas line for the tankless hot water heater.  The gas line had to be raised and rerouted into the existing floor joist which ran the full length of the Basement.  The plumber also installed a full Bath.    This Basement had so many updates which included improvements to the rest of the home truly made this house a Home.


The Basement finishes matched the upstairs utilizing the same millwork and color concept throughout.  The Basement flooring was even selected to match the upstairs hardwood flooring.  The additional Bath made the whole family content and the girls loved their Craft Room with the ability to also entertain their  friends.  The Homeowners knew what they and their three daughters required.  All was accomplished and the Homeowners could not be happier!

  “For A Home You Will Love”