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In the distant future, when archaeologists excavate houses from our era, they might conclude that our plain, cookie-cutter ceilings show a lack of imagination. And for the most part, they’d be right.

They’d find popcorn ceilings. Boring acoustic tiles. And drywall, drywall, drywall.

But their opinions might improve when they uncover some of today’s beautiful wood-look plank ceilings.

Drywall has been the default for ceilings since the 1950s, when it replaced plaster as the go-to choice. Now, many decades later, drywall is beginning to look a little dull.

Five Reasons to Consider Wood Plank

If you’re thinking of defaulting to drywall, here are five reasons to rethink that choice – and opt for a wood-look plank ceiling:

  1. Planks install in a fraction of the time
    Unlike drywall – which requires taping, sanding, priming and painting — prefinished planks are ready right out of the box. The 5″ x 84″ planks are made of medium density fiberboard, and available in a variety of finishes.
  2. Planks are easy to handle, haul and store
    Sheets of drywall are bulky and can weigh around 50 pounds, not to mention, they’re messy. Planks come in a box and are easier to handle, haul and store.
  3. Snap! Planks are easy to put up
    Installing drywall is an arduous, two-man job that often requires difficult cutting. WoodHaven planks are a three-step snap to install using the Easy-Up® installation system. Just attach the tracks directly to the ceiling, snap the clips on the track and position the tongue-and-groove planks inside the clips and slide into place.
  4. No specialist or subcontractors needed
    Many remodelers are forced to subcontract with drywall specialists when they discover the time and difficulty involved. But you’ll stay in control with prefinished planks because you can finish the entire project yourself.
  5. Planks earn raves – and referrals
    Nobody calls their neighbors over to see their finished drywall ceiling. But Clements’ client was moved to tears by the beauty of her classic, painted white plank ceiling. Happy homeowners have a way of spreading the word – and referring their remodeling contractors.

Before you default to drywall for your next ceiling project, consider the beauty – and ease – of wood-look planks. Your customers – and future archaeologists – will thank you.