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Bathroom Remodel Broadview

After spending the last seven (7) years renovating this Homeowners existing home while adding an award winning Addition, Kitchen and Terrace, there was little left to improve upon except for themselves – renovate an out dated Master Bath into a simplified elegant experience while staying within the existing walls. With Universal Design in mind, a curbless shower would accommodate the Homeowners no matter how long they plan to stay in this home.

The first and always the most challenging solution is to stay within the existing structure but creating a complete new experience. The Homeowners never used the outdated whirlpool. The elimination of this whirlpool provided room to create a space for their dream experience. The cluttered vanity tops were a major issue which needed to be addressed.

The shower was completed demolished including its confining walls and soffit. It was contemplated to relocate the shower but, after several design meetings, the client preferred to have an expansive curbless shower with non-grouted seamless walls and ceiling all enclosed in a glass enclosure to showcase this exquisite shower. The floor was removed to accommodate the curbless shower pan. The custom maple vanities were fabricated, relocated, extended and with an added tower created ample storage for all their needs. Electrical receptacles were adding into the tower and drawers below which housed all the Homeowners rechargeables and electrical appliances. The porcelain slab shower walls were matched with the entire bath tiled floor which created an elegant and specious look. The many custom features including the shower niche, the floating shower granite seat, and the LED lighted touch mirrors transformed this Bath and updated it to match the balance of their gorgeous home.

The Bath was designed within the existing walls creating an experience the Homeowners desired. The use of custom cabinetry, granite, a state of the art shower and a water closet with an electric seat, this Master Bath created the feeling and simplicity the Homeowners desired. “For a Home You Will Love!”